Roz Denny Fox

Romance Writer


Major Attraction
ISBN:  0-373-70649-9

Christmas Star
ISBN:  0-373-70672-3

The Water Baby
ISBN:  0-373-70686-3

Trouble At Lone Spur
ISBN:  0-373-70716-9

Sweet Tibby Mack
ISBN:  0-373-70746-0

Anything You Can Do...
ISBN:  0-373-70776-2

Having It All
ISBN:  0-373-70800-9

Mad About the Major
ISBN:  0-373-70821-1

The Lyon Legacy,
Novella 2

Harlequin's Silver Anniversary Issue
ISBN:  0-373-70847-5

Family Fortune
ISBN:  0-373-70859-9

Welcome To My Family
ISBN:  0-373-70885-8

Baby, Baby
ISBN:  0-373-70902-1

Mom's The Word
ISBN:  0-373-70926-9

American Heroes
 Against All Odds
Harlequin Special Release #43

Major Attraction

ISBN:  0-373-82241-3

Who Is Emerald Monday?
ISBN:  0-373-70984-6

The Baby Cop
ISBN:  0-373-70999-4

Lost But Not Forgotten
ISBN:  0-373-71013-5

Wide Open Spaces
ISBN:  0-373-71046-1

The Seven Year Secret
ISBN:  0-373-71069-0

Someone To Watch Over Me
ISBN:  0-373-71108-5

Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time
Harlequin Special Release
The Water Baby

The Secret Daughter
Book #2 of the
Raising Cane Trilogy
ISBN:  0-373-71128-X

Married in Haste
ISBN:  0-373-711480-4

A Cowboy at Heart
ISBN:  0-373-71184-0

Marry Me Cowboy Series
Harlequin Special Reissue in
Direct Sales Only
Trouble At Lone Spur

Daddy's Little Matchmaker
ISBN:  0-373-71220-0

She Walks The Line
Book #5 of the Women
In Blue
Continuity Series
ISBN:  0-373-71254-5

A Mom for Matthew
ISBN: 0-373-71290-1

More To Texas Than Cowboys
ISBN:  0-373-71320-7

Angels Of The Big Sky
ISBN:  0-373-71368-1

On Angels Wings
ISBN:  0-373-71388-6

Real Cowboys
ISBN:  0-373-71412-4

Looking For Sophie
ISBN:  0-373-71459-9

More Than A Memory
ISBN:  0-373-71509-1

A Texas Made Family
ISBN:  0-373-71518-3

The Baby Album
ISBN:  0-373-71586-2

 The Cowboy Soldier
ISBN:  0-373-71648-7 


Red Hot Pepper
ISBN:  0-373-03032-0

Romantic Notions
ISBN:  0-373-15413-5

The Cinderella Coach
ISBN:  0-373-03169-6

Stubborn As A Mule
ISBN:  0-373-03276-5

Island Child
ISBN:  0-373-15566-2

Some Like It Hotter
ISBN: 0-373-03336-2

Signature Select Saga

Coffee In The Morning
ISBN:  0-373-83696-1

Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day
ISBN:  0-373-83700-3


A Secret To Tell You
ISBN:  0-373-45415-4

Heartwarming Series

Precious Gifts
ISBN:  0-373-36423-7

Linked By Love
ISBN:  0-373-36427-5

Hearts Entwined
ISBN:  0-373-36555-5

The Western Dare
ISBN:  978-0-373-36612-5

The Boss Next Door
ISBN:  978-0-373-36616-3

The Hope Dress
ISBN:  978-0-373-36627-4

Annie's Neighborhood
ISBN:  978-0-373-36631-6

The Unlikely Rancher
ISBN:  978-0-373-3711-5

Molly's Garden
ISBN:  978-0-373-36736-8


Too Many Brothers
ISBN:  0-373-75040-4

The Secret Wedding Dress
ISBN:  0-373-75091-9

The Perfect Tree
ISBN:  0-373-75189-1

The Maverick Returns
ISBN:  0-373-75408-3

Duke: Deputy Cowboy
ISBN:  0-373-75421-2

Texas Dad
ISBN: 978-0-373-75516-5

Texas Mom
ISBN: 978-0-373-75552-3

His Ranch or Hers
Book #1 of the Snowy
 Owl Ranchers

ISBN:  978-0-373-75606-3


A Maverick's Heart
Book #2 of the Snowy
 Owl Ranchers

ISBN:  978-0-373-75627-8

A Montana Christmas Reunion
Book #3 of the Snowy
Owl Ranchers

ISBN:  978-0-373-75739-8


A Baby On His Doorstep
ISBN: 978-0-373-75763-3

Marrying the Rancher
ISBN: 978-0-373-75779-4